What is Adventure Hat?

Adventure Hat is a lot of things. Mainly, it’s an ethos: Just as art is anything in a frame, an adventure is any experience in a frame.

It’s a state of mind. Are you looking for adventure? Did you...bring appropriate head gear? (If the head gear is not especially functional, is it at least gloriously fun? Like this college girl I saw one time in an airport who was clearly on the way to spring break? And was sporting the biggest floppy hat I’ve ever seen, and we all respected her commitment to wearing and/or transporting this giant hat across two flights?)

Practically speaking, Adventure Hat is a multimedia storytelling, information, and entertainment outlet—writings, music, photos, videos, podcasts, interviews, drawings, anything. It’s an excuse for me (Seth) to combine alllll the creative content I make into one Thing. What you’ll consume on Adventure Hat is mainly my stuff, but children and/or friends may participate as well.

Think of it like a loot crate of media and topics and content. You never really know what you might get when you open a given newsletter email. (Do subscribe, if you would.) But hopefully it will make you happier or more informed or more adventurous than you were before you consumed it. 

You’ll just have to stay open-minded and curious, ready for anything. And that is what we mean by Adventure Hat. And why it’s important to always wear one.

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An adventure is just an experience in a frame


An adventure is any experience in a frame. Multimedia storytelling & music loot box via newsletter. Courageously weird.