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Ep. 1: The worst travel day of my life

Ep. 1: The worst travel day of my life

So many of our wounds are self-inflicted, you know? Here’s the story of the worst travel day of my life

Hey there good people. This is a story that Adventure Hat readers should be familiar with. (It’s the first one I posted, actually, back in 2020.) It’s about the worst travel day of my life…a day full of poor decision-making, faulty planning, terrible luck, a refusal to acquiesce to the laws of physics, and one volcano.

As I’m rolling out the new Adventure Hat podcast (which is basically just audio versions of my written stories), you’ll see some episodes like this one—a story you’ve perhaps already read that demanded a podcast version.

Over time, and in the future, I’ll embed the podcast episodes into each respective post, too.

If you subscribe to the Adventure Hat newsletter (and if you don’t, please do), you don’t have to do anything to get the podcast episodes—they’ll just show up in your inbox embedded inside the written story.

But/and if you want the convenience of getting new episodes in your preferred podcast app or feed, just search for “Adventure Hat Podcast” and add it there. It’s available on Apple and Spotify, and likely will populate out into all the others as the little RSS feed web scrapers do their work.


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