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Welcome to the Adventure Hat PODCAST

Welcome to the Adventure Hat PODCAST

Audio versions of Adventure Hat stories and music, for your convenience

Hey there good people. I’m Seth. This is Adventure Hat…the podcast!

Actually, this is a podcast introduction…to the podcast. (Actually actually, what you’re currently reading is a modified version of the script for the podcast introduction to the podcast.) So, uhhh welcome to the Adventure Hat Podcast!

First, what is Adventure Hat

Simply put, Adventure Hat is an umbrella for all of my music, stories, essays, and images… all about music, and life, and travel, and adventures of all kinds. The best way to find all of it is through my newsletter (, which you’re reading right now, but do subscribe to get it delivered to your inbox) or my website ( 

On Adventure Hat, I write a lot of music, and I write a lot of stories. And I write a lot about the music. This podcast is simply the audio version of all of that, so folks who prefer to listen rather than read have a handy way of doing so. 

Because as a red-blooded human person I CANNOT resist categorizing things, you’ll be able to follow along with these audio adventures in an orderly fashion. For example, there are several episodes about our time in Paris; if that’s all you’re interested in hearing, and you don’t care about our adventures in, say, Gulf Shores, or you don’t want to hear my singing voice (hey, why not?), you can find and enjoy just that limited arc of six episodes. 

Also, because audio versions of 1,000-2,000-word essays are actually pretty short, I’ll be making supercuts of these arcs so you can tuck into one longer-form podcast ep to catch all the stories in one convenient go.

Make sense? 

So if you like Adventure Hat and would rather listen to stories on the go, or while you’re working around the house, or whenever and wherever…this podcast is for you. 

But if you prefer to just read everything, you can stick to the newsletter and you won’t miss much.

You can find the Adventure Hat Podcast here on my newsletter site, or your favorite podcast app, or…wherever you usually find your podcasts.  (Or at least, you will soon. I’m busily working on submitting it to All The Things. Update: Here it is on Apple and Spotify. The RSS scrapers should do their job soon and send it most everywhere else.)

And we’ll go from here. So subscribe and stay tuned. And…please share!

The Adventure Hat Podcast!

Love ya!

OH! And don’t forget to wear appropriate headgear. 

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Adventure Hat
Adventure Hat Podcast
Hi, I'm Seth. This is Adventure Hat!
Adventure Hat is music, ​stories, essays, journals, and images about life, travels, trips, and adventures of all kinds. This podcast is the audio version of the newsletter (, so you can now conveniently enjoy all these stories and songs on the go.
Remember, an adventure is just an experience in a frame. Let us all remain courageously weird.
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